Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Second pole in a row for Cacá Bueno

The five-time champion took Rubens Barrichello off the top of the timesheet in a very competitive session where 23 of the 28-driver field were separated by less than a second

Cacá Bueno is willing to grab his title chances even harder than last year as the Red Bull driver took his second pole-position in a row this Saturday in Goiânia. The five-time Brazilian V8 Stock Car champion, who started first at Velopark’s previous race, will once again be in front of the field at the 3.835-km track of Goiânia, in the center of Brazil, as the red lights go off.

Qualifying session was sunny and hot (above 30 degrees Celsius), and 23 drivers were separated by a second. It was looking good for Rubens Barrichello, who won the Million Reais Race in Goiânia back in 2014, the year of his championship-winning campaign, but Bueno made a 1min23s818 on his last attempt to outcome the former F1 driver by only 0s098.

“I love what I do and when things don’t go as we plan I get a little irritated – as everyone can see from time to time”, he laughs. “That is why I put so much pressure on myself. Of course I want to win as I did on race 1 at the previous round at the Velopark, but anything from in the top three would be really important for the championship battle”, highlighted him, who stands second in the championship, three points behind his teammate Daniel Serra – who starts fourth, behind reigning champion Marcos Gomes.

Brazilian V8 Stock Car races Sunday at 1:00 pm and 2:10 pm Brazilian time.

Starting Grid:
1-) Cacá Bueno (Red Bull Racing) – 1min23s818
2-) Rubens Barrichello (Medley Full Time) – 1min23s916 (0s098)
3-) Marcos Gomes (Cimed Racing) – 1min23s941 (0s123)
4-) Daniel Serra (Red Bull Racing) – 1min23s989 (0s171)
5-) Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma-RC) – 1min24s187 (0s369)
6-) Allam Khodair (Full Time Texaco) – 1min24s200 (0s382)
7-) Ricardo Zonta (Shell Racing) – 1min24s223 (0s405)
8-) Diego Nunes (União Química Racing) – 1min24s233 (0s415)
9-) Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga-RCM) – 1min24s257 (0s439)
10-) Valdeno Brito (TMG Racing) – 1min24s257 (0s439)
11-) Rafael Suzuki (Geolab Racing) – 1min24s274 (0s456)
12-) Galid Osman (Ipiranga-RCM) – 1min24s300 (0s482)
13-) Felipe Fraga (Cimed Racing) – 1min24s337 (0s519)
14-) Vitor Genz (Eisenbahn Racing Team) – 1min24s407 (0s589)
15-) Nestor Girolami (Eisenbahn Racing Team) – 1min24s443 (0s625)
16-) Sérgio Jimenez (Cavaleiro Sports) – 1min24s520 (0s702)
17-) Felipe Guimarães (Full Time Pro-GP) – 1min24s526 (0s708)
18-) Bia Figueiredo (União Química Racing) – 1min24s532 (0s714)
19-) Denis Navarro (Geolab Racing) – 1min24s585 (0s767)
20-) Átila Abreu (Shell Racing) – 1min24s609 (0s791)
21-) Felipe Lapenna (Hot Car) – 1min24s634 (0s816)
22-) Guga Lima (TMG Racing) – 1min24s651 (0s833)
23-) Popó Bueno (Cavaleiro Sports) – 1min24s701 (0s883)
24-) Julio Campos (Axalta C2 Team) – 1min24s921 (1s103)
25-) Gabriel Casagrande (Axalta C2 Team) – 1min24s974 (1s156)
26-) Raphael Abbate (Hot Car) – 1min25s022 (1s204)
27-) Lucas Foresti (Full Time ProGP) – 1min26s500 (2s682)
28-) Max Wilson (Eurofarma-RC) – 1min36s150 (12s332)
*Unofficial Results